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Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Event Venues


Programs for schools are different from other programs in that they should instruct as well as entertain. Jim Chester has put together several programs for schools that address needs of students in today's society, including:

                                                                      Drugs and Alcohol                    Self-Esteem                    Literacy

One of the primary obstacles in any school presentation is getting the kids to listen. This is where Jim excels. With 25 years of entertainment experience in schools, libraries, civic clubs and churches, Jim know how to get and hold the attention of an audience. More importantly, Jim is excellent at combining his entertainment with his message so that kids learn without necessarily knowing that they are being taught.

One of the amazing advantages of utilizing magic as a teaching tool is the lasting power it has. For example, how often have you heard a song on the radio and it immediately took you back to a place and time when you first heard it? This is called an “anchor”, where the original hearing of the song was so emotionally tied to something that you always recall the two events together. The same is true when you tie magic into a message. The trick is so amazing that kids will remember it for years, but the real trick is that they will also remember the positive message that accompanied it.

We can make a difference in our children's lives if we can just get their attention. That is what Jim Chester does best. Let him put his years of experience to work in your school.  Here are a few images from Red Ribbon Week at Frazier Primary School in Natchez, Mississippi. 

Red Ribbon Week 2         Red Ribbon Week 3        Red Ribbon Week 1

Civic Groups / Boy Scouts of America

Jim does a lot of programs for different civic groups and one of his best clients is the Boy Scouts of America.  Blue and Gold banquets are a common venue for entertainment and Jim brings an excellent tie-in for scouting.  From rope tricks to cooking in the great outdoors with "Rocky Raccoon" his program is a great time for all ages, making it perfect for the scout and parent crowd in attendance.  Jim also uses this time to reinforce the scouting princicple of clean living and moral straightness which are foundations of the scouting program.


It takes more than talent to be suces
csful in corporate entertainment, it takes an understanding of the client's objectives. Because corporate entertainment is more than just entertainment, you cannot afford to hire just anyone.

Having majored in marketing at Florida State University, Jim knows how to create a total plan for corporate clients. First he reviews the company’s sales and marketing material. He then skillfully integrates that information with his routines resulting in a complete presentation that both entertains and informs.

A unique need in the business community is for a motivational speaker. Blending magic, comedy and practical information, Jim Chester gets your people encouraged, enthused and ready to do the best job they possibly can.

Great entertainment plus a focus on your business makes the Magic & Comedy of Jim Chester perfect for your business entertainment needs!

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a sizable business investment. You may spend thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in hopes of attracting clients to your booth. What if you could double, or even triple the number of people who stopped by?

That is why Jim Chester does trade shows. His unique combination of magic, comedy and Rocky Raccoon is a tremendous draw in any kind of trade show setting. Over the last 25 years, Jim has worked with companies that manufacture or sell computer software, fungicides, food flavorings, batteries, hair care products, health care fabrics, heavy equipment and much more.

One key to his success is the fact that Jim majored in marketing at Florida State University. He is more than just an entertainer, he knows how to combine his program with your product information to help promote your business, product or service. Your potential customers will leave the booth feeling good about the time they had at your booth and about you, the company that was responsible. And good will is the name of the game in sales and marketing. And after a long day in the booth, don’t forget about the hospitality suite, another area where Jim Chester excels in business entertainment.

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals cater to people of all ages. You need entertainment that does the same. That is why the Magic & Comedy of Jim Chester has been featured at festivals throughout the South.

Jim is available either as a strolling entertainer, as a stage act, or you can choose both. Either way, you will get one of the premiere comic magicians in the country.

Private Parties

Imagine having great professional entertainment right in your own home. Well, you can. Jim Chester is available for private parties for adults, kids, families, whatever! This is a fun-filled 45 minute program that entertains young and old alike. Magic, comedy and as always, Rocky Raccoon. Jim is available for private parties throughout the metro Atlanta area.  He is also available for shows in Slidell, Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Picayune, New Orleans and more. Make your next event special with live, professional entertainment with Jim Chester.


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